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Welcome to Joburg.

Or Jozi, as the locals call it.

I’ll bet you’re in for a pleasant surprise!  Yes, there’s crime, but there’s also a vibrant city with a short, rich history, people of every colour and creed, plenty of trees and outdoor spaces, museums, galleries, shops and restaurants – and a buzzing night life, too.

So get ready to explore on foot or by car; take in the sights, sounds and smells – and let Africa sink into your soul.

Our Popular Tours – Eight of the Best!

Newtown walk


This walking tour traces the history of Newtown, from brickmaking and markets to its influence in music and the arts – and now its urban regeneration. 

Braamfontein Walk


Braamfontein is home to art galleries and museums, public art and graffiti, municipal buildings, the Nelson Mandela Bridge and numerous coffee shops, clubs and restaurants.  On Saturdays, it also hosts the popular Neighbourgoods Market.

Maboneng & Jewel City Walk


Not as much culture as usual, but a great chance to witness some urban regeneration and to soak up the atmosphere created by the street vendors, restaurants, bars, public art and graffiti.


Constitution Hill Walk


Constitution Hill is a national heritage site that encapsulates the oppression of South Africa’s past together with our hopes for the future.  Visit the Old Fort, the former men’s and women’s prisons, as well as the Constitutional Court building and chamber.


Soweto Tour

4.5 hrs

The Soweto tour is  what we like to call Soweto On and Off the Beaten Track. You will visit Regina Mundi Catholic church and the well-known Vilakazi Street, but you will also catch a glimpse of some lesser known places (such as the Bara taxi rank and the Soweto Theatre) and get a taste of a day in the life of a Sowetan.

Marshalltown Walk

3 hrs

Discover Johannesburg’s mining past, with a combination of history, trivia and public art – plus stops for coffee and a mocktail. Highlights include the pedestrianised mining walk, the Rand Club, Gandhi Square and the Thunder Walker Arcade at Somerset House.


A Walk in the Wilds

1 . 5 hrs

The Wilds was established in 1938 as a national botanical garden. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers in recent years, it’s a safe haven again, and the 8kms of stone pathways make it easy to navigate this glorious 40-acre site.

This tour is free of charge.

Troyeville Walk

3 hrs

Troyeville was once the home of artists, architects and activists, and it’s a suburb with a rich history dating back to 1889.  Nowadays it’s inhabited by residents from a wide variety of African countries, each bringing with them a distinctive flavour. 

Custom-Made Tours


If you have anything particular in mind, such as an artistic, culinary or sporting theme, let us put together a walk or tour to suit you. Please just contact us with a brief, and we’ll put together a proposal and quotation.

Forthcoming Tours

NEWTOWN walking tour

Date to be advised

09h30 – 12h30 

Discover Jo’burg’s mining past, with a combination of history, trivia and public art – plus a stop for a cool drink or refreshing ale. Highlights include the Market Theatre, Chancellor House and Diagonal Street. 

See ‘Rates’ section for costs.

Please book here or email sarah@joburg360.com for more information.

maboneng & jewel city walking tour

date to be advised

10h00 – 13h00

Discover Jo’burg’s inner city regeneration, with a combination of history, trivia and colourful graffiti – plus stops for coffee and a cocktail.  Visit some of the familiar sights of Maboneng but combine your walk with a look at the revamped Hallmark House as well as the brand-new development of Jewel City.   See ‘Rates’ section for costs. Please book here or email sarah@joburg360.com for more information.

soweto tour – on and off the beaten track

date to be advised

09h00 – 15h30

Yes, it’s a fun and action-packed day in Soweto. Some favourite spots such as Vilakazi Street and Regina Mundi are interspersed with unusual gems such as the Bara taxi rank and the Soweto Theatre. Throw in the Kota Food Festival at the Soweto Cricket Ground, and the tour packs a great punch! See ‘Rates’ section for costs. Please book here or email sarah@joburg360.com for more information.

constitution hill walking tour

date to be advised

09h30 – 12h30

This walking tour encompasses The Old Fort, the Women’s Prison, No 4 and the Constitutional Court, giving a comprehensive summary of this national heritage site, from its harrowing past to its hopes for the future.

See ‘Rates’ section for costs.

Please book here or email sarah@joburg360.com for info on payment and bookings.

Meet Our Tour guides

Sarah Barret

‘One thing I wish I’d understood in school is that the word History is simply a contraction of the words His Story; it’s just someone’s story!  Now I act as a story-teller, bringing the history and culture of Johannesburg to life in a fun and informative way.’

Tshepo Tshoadi

Tshepo is a young tourist guide who springs from Jabulani in Soweto. He is passionate about travel and tourism and his favourite life experience so far is a road trip he undertook with friends to Cape Town and along the Garden Route to the Eastern Cape.


Sarah is a vibrant guide; she brings an interesting angle and research to every site. She loves the art aspect, which brings new insight to the historical aspect. An absolute gem; a tour with Sarah is poignant, informative and uplifting all at once.

Mary Raubenheimer
January 2020


Thank you SO much for such a stunning walk on Saturday. I loved it. I felt quite uplifted afterwards with the possibilities that exist. With some luck on our side hopefully things will continue to take root and happen there. So wonderful to see it so clean too.

Kathryn Paton
August 2020


In November we took our group of about 10 on the Newtown Walking Tour with Sarah from Joburg 360. Well, it turned out to be the most awesome day. We are all South Africans who were gobsmacked at the history and the way Sarah presents it in a user-friendly fashion. The Market Theatre, the Rand Club, the statues of Walter and Albertina Sisulu and so much more beside. When you stand in Gandhi Square and hear his involvement followed by a lunch in an old building you drive home so proud to be South African and richer for sharing in the complex development of what remains a great African city. Whoever does this walk will be rewarded with a sense of appreciation of the development of a city so interwoven with cultural diversity and beauty despite years of intolerance and political interference.

Reg & Teresa Thomson
December 2019


Such an enjoyable walk around Newtown with Sarah on Sunday morning. She kept us on our toes asking questions as well as imparting many interesting historical facts about a city I thought I knew! Thanks Sarah. I learned so much and had fun too! 5 star experience.

Tamara LePine-Williams
January 2020

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