Frequently asked questions

Do you offer walking tours only?

Not at all. We developed a reputation for walking tours during Covid-19 (when shared vehicles were not an option). But now we are back to touring all over the city by minibus, car and on foot. Please see our Popular Tour options for more details.

Johannesburg has a reputation for crime. Will I get robbed if I’m on a tour?

Yes, Johannesburg does have a reputation for crime, but no-one has ever been robbed on one of our walks and tours.  

Of course, we can never guarantee in any city of the world that nothing bad will happen to you.  But if you take sensible precautions, keep your valuables hidden or wear bags, cameras etc. securely around your person, you should be fine.  We like to head out of the sanitised areas of Sandton and the northern suburbs to areas of the old city and places like Soweto, but we choose our routes with the greatest care. Please always travel with a minimum of jewellery, cash and valuables wherever you are.

How much walking is involved in a tour, and do I have to be very fit?

We cover a few kilometres (a mile or two) on average on a walking tour, but this is at a slow pace over a number of hours and with lots of stops along the way.  You need only a basic fitness level (say, 5 out of 10) in order to take part, but you do need to feel you can walk well enough to sign up for a walking tour. A vehicle tour, as the name suggests, involves far less walking. 

What happens if it’s raining on the day?

If there is a very light drizzle or intermittent rain, please put your waterproof jacket on, preferably with a hood, or carry an umbrella, and we will continue with the tour.

If there is prolonged or heavy rain, the tour will be postponed or cancelled, and you will receive a full refund from Joburg 360 (excluding any outsourced transport, meals, etc. which may not qualify for a refund). 

What if I cancel at the last minute? Will I get a refund?

100% cancellation fees apply if you cancel within 24 hours of the tour.  For cancellations within other periods, please see our Rates page. If Joburg 360 cancels your tour, e.g. in the case of heavy rain, then you get a full refund.

What other walks and tours do you have lined up?

We are constantly improving the way we showcase Johannesburg in one or two days, which is sadly as much time as international visitors generally allocate to our city – even though far longer is required to take in everything there is to see and do! In 2023, look out for a shopping option for diamonds, tanzanite and other precious stones, a Soweto cooking course option, a Forest Town walking tour, a feature on the Keiskamma Tapestries at Constitution Hill, as well as some restaurant recommendations.

Are your questions still unanswered? Ask below and we’ll answer you in the best way that we can.