2 hour walking tour

A Walk in the Wilds

​In theory, The Wilds nature reserve is managed by City Parks, but actually most of the credit goes to artist James Delaney and his band of volunteers. Little by little, they cut away at the undergrowth, cleared the paths, dug up weeds, mowed the lawns and fixed the water pumps – the result of which is a triumphal reclamation of this open space of public parkland. The recent addition of decorative mosaics, plus over 100 laser-cut aluminium animals & birds, serves to enhance the experience for the visitor. The flora and fauna are thriving again, and so too the birdlife that is inevitably drawn to the area.

Tours at The Wilds are free of charge but a suggested gratuity of R150 per person or US$10 per person is appreciated. So come and enjoy a walk on The Wilds side! A full-moon walk is an option too. (The park is open daily from 6am to 6pm).