4h or 8h tour

Soweto Tour

At Joburg 360, nothing is humdrum, so be prepared for some off-the-beaten track gems; a street stall here, a vibrant mural there; a long funeral procession or simply goats in the road; herbs, roots, coffee and beer – as well as a traditional Kota option as a lunchtime treat.

The Soweto tour is available on any day of the week and runs ideally for a half day or a full day, depending on your time available.

Dobsonville in Soweto is home to one of Africa’s finest local chefs. This family business is run from her home, and an optional cookery lesson (at an additional cost) includes a hearty mix of stews, salads, vegetables, chakalaka, samp, pap and dumplings, all prepared by hand. Afterwards, sit in splendour and enjoy the fruits of your labour accompanied by a well-earned glass of wine. Bon Appetit!